Double Edge Theatre's Conversations is an ongoing series that engages a diverse community of artists, audiences and presenters for discussions in an intimate, stimulating environment. All events are streamed live on the web. For video archives, please visit our Archives page.

Recent Conversations

February 2015: A Conversation between Two Ensembles: SITI and Double Edge

March 2014: The Power of Hip Hop Culture with Clyde Valentin and Will Power

August 2013: Art and Survival

June 2013: From the Dirty War and Beyond: A Conversation with Argentine Theatre Artists Jorge Onofri and Carlos Uriona

August 2012: The State of the Rural Arts: Crisis, Change, and Opportunity Rural Arts and Culture Convening along with Art of the Rural and the Center for Rural Strategies

April 2012: World of Polophony

August 2010: Art and Place Gathering: A Case Study, Local Conversation, National and International Perspectives, Writers' Commentary, Rural Voices

March 2010: Cold War Reflections; Art and Place

November 2009: Approaches to Training; Staging God and Policy; Foundations of Laboratory Theatre

April 2009: Bold Women of Theatre; Fresh Faces; Writing about Laboratory Theatre