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Milena Dabova; Actor, Associate Director

Milena Dabova began working with Double Edge Theatre in 2008. She is currently working on The Grand Parade, which premiered at Arena Stage (Washington, DC) in February 2013. Dabova has performed in four of the company's Summer Spectacles and two Second Stage productions. She was part of the 2010 Moscow research trip that hailed the beginning of the Chagall Cycle. Originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Dabova has worked with several performance groups both in the US and abroad, including Frida Dance Company and Wire Monkey Dance, and was trained in rhythmic gymnastics, aikido and dance. She has a special interest in researching dance for Double Edge’s performances, including The Grand Parade and Shahrazad. She holds a BA summa cum laude in Theater and Dance and Psychology from Amherst College.