Spring 2017


Program Description

Alumni are invited to apply for an Advanced Spectacle Immersion, with flexible dates for 5-8 months, beginning any time January through March and ending either in June or in August. 2017 is an especially exciting time for Advanced Training at Double Edge as participants will be included in creating an original Spectacle in the Center of the Town of Ashfield. Subsequently the Town Spectacle material will be used to create our annual Summer Spectacle at the Farm. The Ashfield Town Spectacle and Culture Fair will include the entire DE Company, artists and community members from Ashfield and the Hilltowns, and our Advanced Students. During the day there will be performances all over town, and in the evening these will come together in a parade ending at the Lake (or even above the lake!) Advanced Immersion Students will engage in this unique Spectacle creation process and exchange with community participants.