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Amanda Miller: Actor, Singer, & Costumiere, Ensemble

Amanda Miller has been with Double Edge since 2011. She most recently created and performed the role of the Pajaro and was a costume designer for Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro, which premiered in March 2018 at Peak Performances at Montclair State University. Miller has also performed in Double Edge’s summer spectacles We The People, Once a Blue Moon, Shahrazad, and The Odyssey, as well as in The Ashfield Town Spectacle and Culture Fair and Leonora’s World. She was also the costumiere and a musician for The Grand Parade.

Miller is originally from Dubois, Indiana. She graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College with a BA in Women in Theater, and General Music: Voice and Saxophone. Before coming to Double Edge, Amanda participated in numerous vocal competitions from the age of 10, performed at Crossroads Repertory Theater for multiple seasons, and toured with the SMWC Madrigals through Italy, which culminated with singing for Mass at the Vatican in Rome.