Art & Survival 2018

Art & Survival kicks off in a little less than a month. We are very excited to host you and to share in this work together. In this chapter of history in which we are living, it feels especially timely and meaningful to gather in this fashion. Below you will find a statement of purpose, a list of participants, a draft schedule of events, as well as a reading by our guest speaker Alexis Pauline Gumbs for you to dip into by before you come out to Ashfield.

Our Purpose, Desired Outcome, and Process

Art & Survival is a biennial gathering which brings together a diverse array of artists, scholars and interdisciplinary practitioners to delve into the continuum that connects the inner work of artists, to land/ place/ ecology, to urgent activism and movement building toward wide-ranging awakening and systems change. Our purpose is to think together, share, and spark new seeing and energy toward our collective mission.

By diving deeply into the interconnectedness of these areas we hope to come up with strategies that apply our full knowledge, vision, and resources toward galvanizing ourselves to best move towards collective action.

Our process is three days of facilitated dialogues, presentations, visioning exercises, engaging the body, and live performance.


The Inner Work

Facilitated by Matthew Glassman & Daniel Alexander Jones

This discussion will engage in the inner work of artists. What does it mean to travel inside? What are the practices and approaches? Who are our mastes? What are the roles of ritual and ceremony? Mysticism, the esoteric, contemplation, and the source of imagination will be discussed in relationship to the sourcing of artistic work and process as well as how this work ripples outward into the community.


Land and Ecology

Facilitated by Nick Slie & Javiera Benavente

The idea is that the session will begin with a moderated presentation offering specific models that been have created in relationship to land where artists reside. The focus is on ecology and equality (i.e., how the specific models built in connection to land enact/intersect with questions of a more just and equitable world).  Situated in the middle of the convening, this narrative centered on land has a direct thread connecting to the other dialogues. After the presentation of models, we will break into some small group discussion. The session will end with responses and shared thoughts about how the information shared could impact other models/practices and the field at large.


Art. Ritual. Revival.

Facilitated by Ebony Noelle Golden

This breakout circle explores and activates vision-based resilience strategies for arts and justice workers.  The question central to our exploration is how artists can lead transformative movements for social evolution from a space of vision, wellness, and transcendent possibility?  We will explore the aesthetics of intimacy, joy, imagination, and creative emancipation as cornerstones that build and revive our activist/artist praxis. By the end of this circle, folks will leave with new connections, rapid response activities, information about working models, and critical questions to lean into as the work continues.

Sita Magnuson on Lens #1


Friday, Aug. 3rd:

5 PM Arrivals & light meal

8 PM Performance - We The People

10 PM Late supper/ welcome/ introductions

Saturday, Aug. 4th:

• 8:30 Breakfast

• 9:30 Time/ Visioning Exercise #1

• 10 Discussion: Inner Work

• 11:30 Engaging the Body #1

• 12 Lunch

• 12:45 Discussion: Land & Ecology

• 2:15 Break

• 2:30 SPEAKER: Alexis Pauline Gumbs

• 3:30 Art & Activism: Art. Ritual. Revival.

• 5 Response to day

• 5:30 Break/ Depart Farm

• 6 Dinner: The Ashfield Lakehouse

• 8 Informal Connecting & Work Sharing

Sunday, Aug. 5th:

• 9 Breakfast

• 10 Engaging the Body #2

• 11 Time/ Visioning Exercise #2

• 11:45 Break

• 12-2 Time/ Visioning Exercise #3 & Work Session: Organizing Around Internality

• 2 Lunch

• 3 Departures