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Art and Place Gathering

A Case Study
Local Conversation
National and International Perspectives
Writers' Commentary
Rural Voices

  • Opening Statements from UNESCO (August 7, 2010)
    • Participants: Edmond Moukala, Sasha Rubel, UNESCO
    • Video: click HERE.
  • A Case Study
    • Speakers: Stacy Klein, Founder / Artistic Director, Double Edge Theatre; John Freedman, The Moscow Times
    • Panel: Carlos Uriona, Double Edge; Jennifer Johnson & John Peitso, Charlestown Working Theater; Richard van Schouwen & Sandy Timmerman, q-staff.
    • Video: click HERE.
  • Local Conversation
    • Moderator: Nan Parati, Elmer's Store
    • Panelists: le thi diem thuy, writer/performer;Richard Todd, author; Anne Hackler, Institute for Musical Arts; Lynne Feinberg, visual artist;Kim Mancuso, Pilgrim Theatre
    • Video: click HERE.
  • National & International Perspectives
    • Moderator: Kermit Dunkelberg, Pilgrim Theatre
    • Panelists: Kathy Randels , ArtSpot Productions, New Orleans; Vanessa Gilbert, Perishable Theatre, Providence; Kristin Marting, HERE, New York; Buck Jabaily, Single Carrot Theater, Baltimore; Peter van Heerden , erf[81] cultural collective, South Africa.
    • Video: click HERE.
  • Writers' Commentary
    • Moderator: Richard Schechner, Professor of Drama, NYU, editor, TDR
    • Panelists: John Schneider, Theater X, Express Milwaukee; Thomas Irmer, Theater Heute; Jim O'Quinn, American Theatre; Carol Martin, Professor of Drama, NYU.
    • Video: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Rural Voices
    • Moderator: Caron Atlas, Art & Democracy Project.
    • Panelists: Katharine Pearson Criss, Rural Strategies; Elizabeth Barret, AppalShop; Amy Trompetter, puppeteer/director; Rus Peotter, CISA/WGBY-TV.
    • Video: Part 1 and Part 2
Earlier Event: March 7
Art & Place
Later Event: April 4
World of Polyphony