C r e a t i o n L a b

April 10 - May 8

Program Description

Join us in 2019 for our one-month Creation Lab! Artists will spend 4 weeks training with the ensemble and will use Double Edge’s multi-layered creation process of ongoing dramaturgy, mentored individual work, and design and music labs to create their own original material. The Creation Lab begins with full participation in the three-day Spring Intensive, which will lay a strong training foundation as the beginning context for exploration. After the Intensive, each artist will work with the program director to create an individualized plan for work. Artists will come with pre-identified research proposals, which can range from developing already formed projects to incubating work in the very first conceptual stages. The program is ideal for artists interested in authoring future works through a mentored and individualized process within an artistic community, and in a shared laboratory for work creation and experimentation. Creation Lab artists have created seeds for works in theatre, film, dance, literature, and music.

Scholarships are available for all training programs through the Timothy O'Brien Fund, the Uriona-Klein International and Latino Training Fund, the Vidya Ramanan and Visalakshi Naranan Fund, and the Supporting Black Lives Fund. More Info >>