2019 Creation Lab Logistical Info

The 2019 Creation Lab begins on March 15th at 10am and runs until April 14th at 7pm. Below you will find details about travel to and from the Farm as well as some helpful packing information. We ask that you make your travel plans within these parameters - we will need to approve beforehand any variations. Thank you.


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Arriving by Plane
The closest airport is Bradley International in Hartford, CT. There will be pick- ups at this location at 7pm on Thursday, March 14th. If you plan on flying into another airport such as JFK in New York or Bradley International in Boston, please make arrangements to take a bus or train to Northampton, MA in time for the 7pm pick-up. (We do not provide rides from Boston or New York)

Arriving by Train/Bus
Amtrak, Greyhound, or Peter Pan all offer transportation to Northampton. Double Edge will arrange a pickup in Northampton, MA at 7pm on Thursday, March 14th.

Arriving by Car
Please plan on arriving between 6 and 7pm on Thursday, March 14th, or between 9 and 9:30am on Friday March 15th. The program will begin at 9:30am. Car arrivals on March 14th will be to 551 Main Street, Ashfield. Car arrivals on March 15th will be to 948 Conway Rd, Ashfield. Please let us know if you plan on parking a car here during the program.


All departures will take place on the morning of April 15th. We will provide rides to the above arrival locations with departure from the Farm at 10am. To account for travel time, this means you can expect to be arriving in Hartford at 11:30am and Northampton at 11pm on April 15th. Please make your departure plans accordingly.

Preparing For Your Arrival

We suggest that you bring the following items for your time here:

  • Multiple sets of neutral training clothes (anything you find comfortable for movement). No logos, writing, or images please.

  • A journal or notebook

  • Musical instrument(s) you are interested in using (optional)

  • Running shoes

  • Warm-weather clothes

You DO NOT need to bring:

  • Bedding

  • Kitchen items

  • Towels

Scents: Scents (perfumes and fragrances) should not be used when training or in costume out of consideration for those with allergies.

Keeping in Touch

Phones and Internet
There is a shared phone line at your residence where you can make and receive personal phone calls within the USA. The number is 413-628-3984. Please note, there is NO cell reception in Ashfield. Wireless Internet is available at your residence.

Important: any mail received at the Double Edge address will not be delivered to you. You can receive mail at your residence:

Your Name
551 Main Street
Ashfield, MA 01330

Please call our office with any additional travel or preparation questions. We are looking forward to your arrival and our upcoming work together.

Contact: Lily Hargis (413-628-0277) admin@doubleedgetheatre.org