(an art / community / cultural collective)

Our vision is to prioritize imagination in times of creative, emotional, spiritual and political uncertainty.
Our mission is a journey that holds space for authenticity, interaction, identity for whoever is seeking creative, emotional, spiritual, and political clarity.
Our art (performance / visual/ multi-media) is grounded in a rigorous ensemble aesthetic unfolded in dream, imagery, metaphor, mystery and symbolism.
Our work (cultural / economic / organizational / personal / political) is created and sustained within an open, honest, meaningful, relevant shared experience. We call this 'Living Culture’.
Our dedication is to face isolation and erasure; to face despair and pain that can translate into personal incapacity and political paralysis. TO UPLIFT. We call this 'Art Justice'.


2019 Performances


I am the Baron

2019 Summer Spectacle


Leonora’s World

October 11-13

Leonora’s World is a Living Art Spectacle that invites the audience to journey through the mysterious, magical, whimsical paintings of Leonora Carrington, and travels into a moonlit discovery of dimensions moving from ancient terrain to the arctic.

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SUGA Premiere

November 14-16 & 21-24

What we attempt to create in our theatre is a living culture, a rebuilding of the fragments into an admittedly utopian integrity of human existence. We do this for ourselves, but also with the belief that we can share and transmit this experience to the people we meet. We must be committed to transforming our dangerous flirtation with extinction to the reality of a living and sustainable culture.
— Stacy Klein, Founder & Artistic Director