What we attempt to create in our theatre is a living culture, a rebuilding of the fragments into an admittedly utopian integrity of human existence. We do this for ourselves, but also with the belief that we can share and transmit this experience to the people we meet. We must be committed to transforming our dangerous flirtation with extinction to the reality of a living and sustainable culture.
— Stacy Klein, Founder & Artistic Director

Double Edge Theatre's mission is to create a 'living culture' by developing the highest quality of original theatre performance, based on the long-term imaginative work of its ensemble of artists and their rich interaction with the communities in which the work takes place—and by cultivating a permanent center of performance, training, research, and cultural exchange at The Farm in Ashfield, Massachusetts.

Double Edge in American Theatre Wing's
Working in the Theatre series

Join us for visceral, imaginative, multidisciplinary training at the Farm!
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Scholarships are available for all training programs through the Supporting Black Lives Fund, the Visalakshi Naranan Fund, the Uriona-Klein International and Latino Training Fund, and the Timothy O’Brien Fund.
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