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Jennifer Johnson: Co-Artistic Director, Ensemble

Jennifer Johnson recently joined the Double Edge Ensemble after two decades of collaboration as an actor, dramaturg, and trainer. Johnson was a co-creator and actor of Keter, the Crowning Song in the 90’s, Relentless in the early 2000’s, and most recently co-created and performed as Leonora in Leonora and Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro, which premiered in March 2018 at Peak Performances at Montclair State University. She appeared in many Spectacles at Double Edge, most notably as Lucy Stone in We The People, Athena in The Odyssey and as La Senora in Once a Blue Moon, and directed the oral history project in the Ashfield Town Spectacle.

She directed the Remnant and the Odyssey at the Charlestown Working Theater in Boston, where she was the co- director for 24 years. Johnson was born and raised in Charlestown.