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Jeremy Louise Eaton: Actor, Design, & Associate Director

Jeremy Louise Eaton, DE Associate Director, has worked with Double Edge since 2004. She has developed numerous roles with Double Edge, including Nimue in Magician of Avalon, Shahrazad in Shahrazad, A Tale of Love and Magic, and Bella Chagall in The Grand Parade, and created the murals for the Latin American Spectacles on tour. Recently she directed a short performance based on Calder’s Circus for the Ashfield Town Spectacle. She designed DE’s first ever Fall Spectacle, Leonora’s World. Eaton directs the theatre’s student training programs, and directed a residency at the Boston Conservatory in 2016. She also leads the theatre’s design. Eaton represented Double Edge for the US Artists Initiative at the 2009 Year of Grotowski in Wroclaw, Poland, in June 2009 and has been a panelist at the NET conference in Chicago.

Eaton graduated from Guilford College with a BS in Criminal Justice and a BA in Theatre, and served in Greensboro, N.C. as a grassroots organizer for the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the US. She has lived in Laos, California, Pakistan, Maryland, Wisconsin, North Carolina and now, in Massachusetts.