Uriona-Klein International and Latinx Training Fund

"We have observed the significance of continuous training: its benefits, its necessity, and how it helps people grow and develop in life. The Summer Spectacle project and all the artists involved is a thorough proof of this. Stacy and I have travelled over the years to many different countries and many different cultures, and have observed and experienced a lack of access which is a fundamental hurdle in many cultures and societies worldwide. I have myself experienced this scarcity and have always hoped to be able to give back and help those who need it and can make good use of such a good opportunity. We are fortunate enough that today life gives us this possibility and want to return to life what life has given us, just to keep it flowing."  --Carlos Uriona

Artistic Director Stacy Klein and Co-Director Carlos Uriona have engaged extensively in international exchange throughout their careers and helped make opportunities for many emerging artists across the globe. Now, through their generous donation, Double Edge has started its first scholarship fund to provide assistance to international artists to participate in its unique training programs.