Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y El Maestro


Where the Bird Sings Best, Alexandro Jodorowsky’s imaginative journey through his ancestry, was the starting point when I began working on Double Edge’s Latin American Cycle. Yet as the 2016 election approached, and so much misogyny laid bare, I realized that I could not make any more performances without a woman as a central figure. Discovering Leonora Carrington is no less than a revelation--  of an artistic partner, mentor, guide, and inspiration. As far as her encounter with Jodorowsky unfolded, the magic, mystery, and humanity we have portrayed is certainly to be found in both Carrington and Jodorowsky’s work, yet the way it is painted and imagined is without doubt mine and the ensemble’s own invention.

Stacy Klein, director

"[This performance] is steeped in magic, revealing not only the alchemical melding between great seers but also their spiritual tug of war around issues of gender. Every aspect of this performance is based on factual evidence and yet it also transcends reality to provide a tantalizing glimpse of what happens when the creative arts meet the magical arts."

Susan L. Aberth,
Associate Professor at Bard College, author of Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art

Upcoming Performances

Leonora and Alejandro Fall Spectacle 
October 19 -21; at Double Edge Theatre

Leonora and Alejandro indoors
November 9 - 11, 16 - 18; at Double Edge Theatre

In October, we will present out first fall outdoor performance, Leonora and Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro, adapting this visually rich, surreal, and magical performance to the autumnal landscape across multiple sites at our Farm Center — performing outside during the fall season for the very first time. Three performances only, October 19-21.

Then, on November 9-11 & 16-18, we will present an intimate version of Leonora & Alejandro for 60 people in our barn.

Check back soon for ticket information!




Leonora and Alejandro’ and One Rather Trippy Encounter

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"I was stunned/stopped in my tracks by LEONORA and ALEJANDRO. As you can imagine, I’ve traveled around the world and presented/worked with poets/authors/educators/choreographers/composers/playwrights/theater directors, et al., and I don’t believe (at least, not to my recollection) that I’ve heard/seen contemporary/live performance about the-magical-mystical-mysterious-woman -- except as a character in mythology or science fiction (Doris Lessing; Octavia Butler)!"

Baraka Sele,
Independent Consultant

“Double Edge provides a level of stage virtuosity that is rare among American theater ensembles.”

Jedediah Wheeler,
Executive Director for Arts and Cultural Programming, Peak Performances at Montclair State University


Women and the Unknown: presented by Stacy Klein
at the Anger / Appetite / Ambition / ART Symposium

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Review: ‘Leonora and Alejandro’ and One Rather Trippy Encounter
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"Cover yourself, Leonora" The surrealist who would not be silenced


Leonora and Alejandro Premiere Performance:

  • March 17 - 25, 2018
    Peak Performances at Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ)

Upcoming Touring Dates TBA. Leonora & Alejandro is available for touring in several different formats, including full scale and other variations.


Read Stacy Klein's speech in Medium: