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Micaela Farias Gomez: Music collaboration

Micaela Farias Gomez is a performer of song, dance / movement, and music. She also conducts and produces her own program in the National Folkloric Radio of Argentina. She has her solo and band projects, with whom she has produced two studio and one live albums. She is dedicated to research and production of Argentine and Latin American folkloric music in the encounter with other roots, new currents of sound, and other artistic disciplines. She also studies and investigates dance and movement as a method of development and its relation to music and scene. She is an artistic collaborator of the US-based theatre ensemble Double Edge Theatre, and was also a participant and co-director of the physical and musical work of the group Metabombo (a performance of song, dance, and percussion with traditional drums) when they participated in the documental film ZONDA, with renowned Spanish director Carlos Saura.

She has collaborated on diverse projects with national and international artists, both live and in the recording studio. She also works as a coach of vocal rhythm and expression in the realms of music and theater. Micaela worked with her father, the renowned musician and composer Chango Farías Gómez (a pillar of the musical revival in Argentina), on incorporating tools in the formation of his musical ensembles, including direction, creation, and group conducting.