Visalakshi Naranan Scholarship Fund

"Throughout her life, Visalakshi Naranan (1934-2013) maintained a passion for providing educational opportunities to those in need. A devoted teacher, family member, and philanthropist born in Nagpur, India, Visalakshi worked at schools in Mumbai and Chennai dedicated to empowering children with learning disabilities to succeed. She offered families who could not afford to send their children to school the resources and access to public education. Her love for learning touched many lives and is one of many gifts she shared with her family and community during her lifetime. We could think of no better way to honor her memory than through this fund which offers support to bold future women artists and leaders.” - Vidya Ramanan

In honor of Visalakshi’s memory, her family, in partnership with Double Edge, created the Visalakshi Naranan Scholarship Fund to provide emerging female leaders from ethnically diverse and low-income backgrounds the opportunity to participate in Double Edge Theatre’s training programs. During their time at Double Edge, scholarship recipients engage in Double Edge’s unique, holistic methodology that employs an artist’s full potential – physical, vocal, emotional, and imaginative – to drive individual exploration, ensemble collaboration, and performance creation. In addition, select scholarship recipients will participate in Double Edge’s training workshops at public schools and educational organizations throughout Western Massachusetts to gain an understanding and appreciation of how to develop accessible and alternative learning opportunities in underserved communities.