Training Program Policies

Paying your tuition: $500 tuition deposits are due within one week of your acceptance to any program. Your spot in the program cannot be held without a deposit. For all programs, your remaining tuition is due within one month of your acceptance OR by the first day of the month preceding your program start date. (For a program starting on February 10th, your full tuition is due by January 1.) 

Payment plans: Payment plans are available only by special permission, and are agreed to via email. 

Late payments: Late payments are subject to late fees. Participants cannot begin a program without having paid their full tuition. 

All tuition payments are non-refundable. 

Medical forms: An up-to-date medical form, signed by the participant, is due within three weeks before the start of the program. Failure to disclose a mental or physical medical condition can result in expulsion from the program. Participants cannot train with the company until they have submitted a medical form. 

Liability forms: All training participants must sign a liability release form before participating in any training session.

Photograph/video permission form: Participants are also asked to sign a photographic/video permission form, which gives permission to be photographed or filmed by the ensemble during the course of their program. 

Withdrawing before the program start: Program tuitions are non-refundable, and tuition refunds are not given in the event of a program withdrawal. If the withdrawal occurs 8 weeks before the program start, a deferment to the following session is available. Deferment is only available for the following session. Your tuition will transfer, minus a $250 administrative fee.

Withdrawing after the program start: Program tuitions are non-refundable, and tuition refunds are not given when there is a withdrawal from a program after the program start date. Deferments are not available for participants who withdraw after their program start date. 

Deferment requests: If you have been accepted to a program, you are able to defer to the next available session up until 8 weeks before your program start date. Deferment is also dependent on enrollment numbers and cannot be granted if the following program is full. There are no fees for a deferment. 

Illegal substances: use of any illegal substance on any of Double Edge’s properties will result in program expulsion.