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Art and Survival (August 3 - 5, 2018)

NEED NEW TEXT .  Convened by Matthew Glassman and Nick Slie. Artists and change-makers from around the US gathered at the Farm for a 2-day reflection on the inner workings of artistic practice and its impact on culture and movement building. Videos: click here >>


Resident and guest artists and ensembles regularly perform work at Double Edge. Presentations include a double bill of performances directed by Matthew Glassman: Total Verrückt!, created and performed by Joanna Caplan, and The Oven, created and performed by Ilan Stavans; and two works by DE long-time collaborators, Norways’s Grenland Friteatr, My Life as a Man, and Mr. Fumblebody; and a concert by Ensembe Adilei from the Republic of Georgia.  Double Edge has also hosted concerts, workshops, visual arts exhibits by local artists, and other community events.

Conversations and Convenings

Conversations is an ongoing series that engages a diverse community of artists, audiences and presenters for discussions in an intimate, stimulating environment.  Convenings for artists in the field of performing arts are also regularly hosted at the Farm. These events are or contain a public conversation, and the community is enthusiastically invited to participate.

Educational Collaborations

Double Edge Theatre brings its high caliber training to high school students and teachers as part of its commitment to fostering the next generation of artists, and uplifting voices that celebrate spirit of place. This training takes the form of workshops at schools or the farm, or as multi-year collaborations with schools or cultural organizations. One such collaboration is with the Springfield Conservatory, an arts magnet public high school that serves the community of Springfield, MA, an urban center located one hour from Ashfield. This partnership includes training, integrating over fifty students in an outdoor spectacle in Springfield’s Forest Park (attended by over 1500 people), professional development opportunities for teachers, and including students in the Summer Spectacle in Ashfield for a full summer of performances.

Through its collaborations and inclusive and varied programming, Double Edge brings this model of living culture to the communities where it tours performances.