CityStage; Springfield, MA
“The entire experience was remarkable. It's important to note that most of the school's students had never attended a theatrical performance. The dynamic nature of the show captured their attention without exception. And the workshop participants are ecstatic!”
David Brewster, Principal, Springfield Conservatory of the Arts

Porsgrunn International Theater Festival; Porsgrunn, Norway
“The Grand Parade was a Grand experience in Porsgrunn. Lively, vigorous and musical – a tour de force through the 20th century. Thank you for bringing it.”
Trond Hannemyr, Artistic Director, PIT Festival

ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Mainstage; Boston, MA
“It is always such a pleasure working with Double Edge. Their residency work is powerful, smart, fun, and a great way to engage communities of all ages. Their deep commitment to community-centered values in all their work doubles the commitment to imagination and artistry in their shows, with the end result being something that feels more like a celebration than a show. With Grand Parade, the material is accessible and surprising, entertaining and educational, imaginative and completely their own. And the company’s developed a real strength in the engagement with audiences around the conversations prompted by the performance. In sum, our experience of presenting Grand Parade was rich, rewarding, and memorable.”
David Dower, Director of Artistic Programs, ArtsEmerson

Contemporary Arts Center; New Orleans, LA
“The experience our audiences had with The Grande Parade in New Orleans was magical.  Many in our communities had seen nothing like Double Edge up close and personal.  I wanted to present a work that was inspirational to a community in its entirety - that, in a 70 minute experience, one's background, and one's philosophy could give in to one's imagination. Working with DET is as if your favorite cousin has come to visit and s/he wants to teach you how to laugh and feel again.”
Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Curator of Performing Arts, CACNO

Audience Reflections:

“... colors, movement, sounds and images from the past century. Compelling and engaging, an emotional roller coaster infused with visions of Chagall. Loved it! I would love to see this again!”
Susan K Miller, Audience Member

“It was SUCH a tremendous night! I am still haunted by moments & images of such power & beauty...”
Ellen Morrison, Audience Member

“What an incredible experience!  I am so grateful to you all for sharing your work and talent... love of flight and human potential.”
Veronica del Cerro, Audience Member