Supporting Black & Native Lives Scholarship Fund

For several years now, the repeating image of black people, male and female, who have been victimized and killed by police actions (many seen and sometimes admitted to as inappropriate and even murderous, but with little to no real consequence for those actions) has galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement for social justice. One might think that Double Edge Theatre, here on our idyllic farm in Western Massachusetts , far away from most of these occurrences, would not feel a connection to these events, or a sense of stakes in this battle for the conscience of our country. One might think we would be inclined to simply say All Lives Matter and go about our business of creating art, feeling that we have no real stake in the battle or in participating in this discussion.

But we create art for community, and our community goes far beyond the boundaries of our own area and we believe that All Lives Matter WHEN Black Lives Matter... we are not exempt from this discussion or this fight to define the moral center of justice in this country.

We have put a sign of support outside our theatre space, in regard particularly to local issues of tolerance, but we want to do more - to also take action to more directly impact Black Lives - and particularly Black Artists - to help give a young person skills to hone their talent, to be able to strengthen their voice - as an artist and as a human being.

In a spirit of support and solidarity and to take action to more directly impact Black Lives, and particularly Black Artists, Double Edge has established the Supporting Black & Native Lives scholarship to provide tuition-free and partial tuition scholarships, which in some cases will include housing and food, depending on the program, in each one of our Intensive and Immersion programs, fall, spring, and summer.