2019 Welcome Information

We’re very glad to have you at the Farm and look forward to working with you. We hope that the following information will help you get oriented for your time here. Double Edge is a community situated within a small town, and we have found these guidelines important to co-existing inside and outside of the Farm. Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

General Information

551 main street, ashfield

551 main street, ashfield

During the Spring Intensive, program participants will be staying at 551 Main St, Ashfield, MA, 01330, located one mile from Double Edge Theatre’s center, the Farm (unless other arrangements have been made).

Mail collection
Program participants can receive mail at this residence. This address should be used for all personal mail for the duration of the program. Mail addressed to the theatre will not be delivered to 551 (anyone sending mail to this residence should be asked to include just the recipient’s name and the 551 address – if the envelope says Double Edge Theatre it is likely to go to the Farm regardless of the address indicated.) Outgoing mail can be placed in the mailbox at 551 Main St with the red flag up. If mail needs to be weighed it should be taken to the Ashfield Post Office.

Your Name
551 Main Street
Ashfield, MA 01330

Email & Phone
Program participants can be reached via phone at 413.628.3984. The Double Edge office phone line should not be used for incoming calls except in an emergency. There is wireless internet available at 551 Main St.

There is a Laundromat located at the Ashfield House Apartments on Main Street in Ashfield. Clothes should not be hung to dry anywhere at 551 or on the Farm.

Personal vehicles must be parked in the parking lot outside of 551 Main St. Double Edge should be notified in advance of any personal vehicles needing to be parked at the residence during the program. A vehicle plan will be made upon arrival with assigned parking areas.

Personal computers and smartphones can be used at 551 Main St. Computer DVDs or video screenings must be used with earphones in the bedrooms and must not disturb others. At the Farm, laptops and smartphones may not be used in the pavilion/kitchen area but can be used in the student room.

We hope that all residence rooms are comfortable. They must be kept clean and neat at all times – sometimes tours of 551 Main St are given to theatre guests with little notice or time to prepare. Cleaning materials can be found in the kitchen alcove and main entryway. Cleaning instructions are posted next to the refrigerators in the kitchen. Furniture should not be removed or personal pictures added to the wall arrangements. No food can be kept in bedrooms except in airtight containers.

Safety Issues and Other Guidelines

Fire Safety
We are extremely cautious with fire. No fire materials may be used inside. Smoking is limited to the outdoors. Cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of properly. Candles and incense may not be used in the indoor spaces, either at the Farm or at the Main Street house. In case of a fire- related emergency, the Ashfield Fire Department must be contacted by calling 911. Extinguishers or smoke detectors should not be moved from their respective locations.

Scents (perfumes or fragrances) should not be used when training out of consideration for those with allergies.

Bug/Critter/Animal control
The bugs (and animals) are plentiful in the warm months and therefore we keep screens on doors and windows closed to prevent insects from entering indoor spaces. 551 Main St houses cats, which are integral to keeping away common farm rodents.

551 Main St is a dry house - no alcohol allowed.

Illegal Substances
The use of any illegal substances either on the Farm or at 551 Main St is prohibited, and the person using such substances will be removed from the premises and from the program.

Respectful Behavior
Any antisocial behavior as deemed by the DE Ensemble will not be tolerated at 551. The person exhibiting such behavior will be asked to relocate immediately from DE’s accommodations to private accommodations at their own expense.

Any severe allergies must be disclosed to Double Edge as soon as possible upon arrival if not already noted in the program medical form.

Spaces on the Farm

interior of the shop

interior of the shop

Double Edge’s Farm Center is a public place. This means that the outdoors and all public areas of the indoor spaces, including the barn, the pavilion, the main office, the bathrooms and the student room are kept clean and presentable at all times, with an attitude of respect toward each other and for our audience and guests

Main Office
Before entering the main office or using any of the equipment there, program participants are asked to check with a member of the ensemble. Copies or printing can be arranged with Lily Hargis at 10 cents per page.

Student Room
This room is for all program participants to use during the Intensive. There are many props and costumes there, all of which are open for use. Modifications to props or costumes can only be made with permission. Each program participant will be assigned a cubby for keeping any personal belongings while working at the Farm.

The Shop
The shop may be used during design time under the direct mentorship of a shop leader. The shop space or any of the tools MAY NOT be used without direct permission/supervision from Michael Fitzgerald. A full orientation to this space will be given before any tools can be used.

The Pavilion Kitchen/ Meal Times
The pavilion has a kitchen area that is for use by the cooking team only. The kitchen area should be entered only by the cooking or cleaning teams. All food, water, snacks, etc. will be made available in the pavilion. There will be meal times included in the work plan, during which eating areas will be set up in the pavilion space. Eating meals in the pavilion will only happen during these times in order to preserve that space primarily for artistic work.

There are two bathrooms in the pavilion, both of which should be well kept as they are the main bathrooms for program participants’ use on the Farm and are also used by visiting guests. Located in the second bathroom is a first aid kit.

interior of the barn

interior of the barn

Performance/Training Spaces

The Barn
The barn is to be used only during group training sessions and not for individual work. The barn is a VERY SPECIAL PLACE and should be treated as such. Access to this space is from the outside stairwell opposite the pavilion.

The Pavilion
The pavilion is for group training and individual work. The entrance is from the outside door opposite of the barn. It is in that hallway that shoes and outside clothes (coats, scarves, hats, etc.) can be placed. The training space should not be entered with outside shoes or with coats, etc. The student room can also be accessed through the same hallway.

Hanging things on the walls or altering the space in any way is prohibited. Any working materials must be removed from the pavilion after work sessions and returned to their respective places. Pavilion lights must be turned off after use.

Other Business

Who to talk to
Jeremy can be reached at (413) 628-9947 (office) or (413) 628-0133 (home) for help understanding the larger picture of one’s work, or for any personal issues. Training questions can be brought to Jeremy or Jennifer Johnson. Any logistical questions about the program or living at 551 should be directed to Lily Hargis, who can direct it to the appropriate person. Adam Bright is also available to talk about overall logistical or technical issues.


There are many guidelines listed above. These are an entryway toward mutual understanding and cooperation. If you have read something here and do not understand, please feel welcome to ask. Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to the next steps of training – and creating – with each of you!