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Adam Bright: Producing Director, Ensemble

Adam Bright has worked with Double Edge Theatre since 2005. He most recently created and performed the role of the Shadow, and produced Double Edge’s Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro, which premiered in March 2018 at Peak Performances at Montclair State University. He created the role of the Englishman in Once a Blue Moon - Cada Luna Azul and co-created The Grand Parade, which premiered at Arena Stage (Washington, DC) in February 2013 and toured throughout the US and internationally. As producer Adam leads all major projects of the theatre, including the Spectacles, touring performances, and the events and business of the Farm Center, as well as rigging all of the theatre’s performances.  In 2017 he produced the Ashfield Town Spectacle, a two-day event in twenty locations in Ashfield with a parade and lake finale. He portrayed Samuel Nightingale in We The People, and produced and performed in DE’s first ever Fall Spectacle, Leonora’s World.

Originally from Kent, England, Adam holds an honors degree in Theatre from Hull University, where he was an assistant director and actor in a national award-winning original performance Unlucky for Some (2004). In England, he worked with the National Youth Theatre, The Stephen Joseph Theatre, and Israeli artist Yoram Monzensan among many others.