Once a Blue Moon - Cada Luna Azul is inspired by magic realism and many Latin American stories, including Alejandro Jodorowski's Where the Bird Sings Best, Isabel Allende's Eva Luna, writings by Borges and Marquez, as well as poetry by Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz, Imagining Argentina by Lawrence Thornton and the film Black Orpheus. The story reflects an increasingly universal situation in which “progress” displaces people, in this case causing a flood. It is a story of memory, culture, and song, imbued with the excitement of Latin American carnival. While traversing the landscape, audience members encounter and mingle with the townspeople of Agua Santa.


Selected Articles

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Past Performances:

  • July 15 - August 22, 2016
    Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)
  • July 24 - August 23, 2015
    Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)