T r a i n i n g

Double Edge Theatre was founded by Stacy Klein to research the role of actors’ training in the development of performance creation. Training is the heart and vitality of Double Edge’s creative process. Since 1982, when it was first developed by Klein based on her work with Rena Mirecka, Grotowski’s founding actor, it has grown to include work with large objects, developed by Klein and David Flaxman from 1985, and then outdoor work and spectacle developed with Carlos Uriona since 1996. Since 2011 Matthew Glassman has been leading the development of training at Double Edge. The unique, holistic methodology engages the actor’s full potential – physical, vocal, emotional, and imaginative – to drive individual exploration, ensemble collaboration, and performance creation.

Upcoming Training Programs

Spectacle Immersion: May 31 - Aug 24, 2019
Fall Immersion: September 15 - December 8, 2019
Winter Intensive: January 2020

Spring Intensive: March 15 - 17, 2019
Creation Lab: March 15 - April 14, 2019
Summer Intensive: May 31 - June 14, 2019

Our next one-day Open Training will be held May 19

Double Edge Theatre offers Training Immersion and Intensive programs on-site at the Farm, directed by ensemble member Jeremy Louise Eaton, as well as single workshops and longer residencies and off-site. These trainings are held at universities, and in conjunction with performances, at high schools, theaters, and community venues.

Training programs and workshops contain the following elements:

Physical training involving a total body experience including running, partner work, and work with large objects. Although vigorous, the process allows any participant to fully engage.

Improvisation, which is a combination of individual creation and group work. Improvisation allows participants to build a world of the imagination, and includes work with large objects, music, art, video, and other elements.

Etudes and Presentations, created from the improvisation and individual work; scenes are created and built using music, art, video, dance, and character to create a unified piece. The goal is to translate training a into devised work process.

Scholarships are available for all training programs through the Timothy Francis O'Brien Scholarship Fund, the Uriona-Klein International and Latinx Training Fund, the Vidya Ramanan and Visalakshi Naranan Fund, and the Supporting Black & Native Lives Scholarship Fund. More Info >>

Questions? Contact us:  Email or Phone: 413 628 0277